About me

I would like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Patrick Driessen. For the past 17 years I have worked as a commando in a special unit. During that time I became responsible for both the selection of shepherd puppies and for training them as working dogs. From there I made the choice to delve further into dog behavior from a positive influence perspective. I opted for the HBO course ‘DogVision’ and four years later I could call myself a dog behavior therapist. This is how I discovered that I have my own approach that works!

I am on the list of the SPPD (Foundation Platform for Professional Animal Behavior Therapists) and am reimbursed by various animal insurers.

Privately, we now have two young children and from within I have felt the vulnerability in the presence of a dog. Raising your dog requires training, both from the dog and from the owner. A dog that jumps up, pulls on the leash, barks constantly, shows aggression or fear: it happens all too often. And gone is the positive thought you had when choosing your dog…

That can be done differently!

I would like to explore with you what the cause of the problem behavior is and how we will tackle it. Step by step we build a foundation with practical exercises so that trust is created between owner and dog. If desired, we can then involve other family members in the art of connecting.


In addition to training working dogs and from my work as a behavioral therapist, I work with various veterinarians and I immerse myself in scientific research. My experience is that (almost) every problem in dealing with the dog can be solved, it is up to me to motivate the owner to embrace a different approach.

Every case I treat with owner and dog requires a unique approach. This makes my job so much fun!

Patrick Driessen
Dog behavior therapist

Why do dogs bite their own owners?
A recording by Omroep Gelderland on August 20, 2023 following a biting incident, which unfortunately resulted in death.

Nipping and biting can almost always be tackled, but we would much rather prevent this. Let me know if I can think along!

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