behavioral therapy


Within my behavioral therapy I teach you how to unlearn unhelpful behavior and learn new, healthier behavior. The result is a warmer bond between you and your dog.

Dogs are not all the same. Neither do people. In addition, people and dogs speak a different language, which can cause problem behavior. That’s what I can help you with.

My goal is for you to learn to understand your dog and your dog to understand you. If your dog exhibits behavior that you or those around you experience as disturbing, I will ensure that we clarify the problem and formulate a treatment plan. From there we work together in practice to solve problem behavior and stimulate desired behavior in the practice where the problem previously arose. Practice makes perfect!

Depending on the problem, the program includes a behavioral consultation of 1½ hours or a plus consultation of 2½ hours with, if desired, two months of online guidance to finalize the details.

For most problems, a 1½ hour behavioral consultation is sufficient. If several or more complex problems may require intensive guidance, I recommend a plus consultation of 2½ hours.


  • preparation by means of a questionnaire (by email)
  • optionally a behavioral consultation of 1½ hours or a plus consultation of 2½ hours at home
  • Based on my behavioral analysis, I make a treatment plan on the spot (any animal insurer will ask about this)
  • joint practice in practice
  • If desired, I will consult with your veterinarian (e.g. for physical examination and/or medication)
  • two months of telephone/online aftercare


The costs of a behavioral therapy program depend on the type of consultation:

  • €195.00 for a 1½ hour behavioral consultation (with report and telephone/online aftercare)
  • €315.00 for a plus consultation of 2½ hours (with report and telephone/online aftercare)
  • follow-up lessons ‘CUSTOMIZED’

The amounts include VAT and exclude mileage allowance of € 0.50 per km (car costs and investment in time).

If pet insurance has been taken out, the costs of the consultation are usually partially or fully reimbursed. It pays to investigate what applies to you.

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