“We have been helped a lot by Patrick and I would really recommend it to someone else, this is an expert with experience and he radiates that on all sides.”

“We were at our wits end with our stray dog from Ukraine because of his aggression towards other dogs and cyclists. Fortunately, we were referred to Patrick. I wouldn’t have dreamed of such a difference. After a 2-hour session, our dog is no longer aggressive because of the techniques we learned from Patrick.”

“Immediately upon arrival, Patrick started working like a professional with lots of space and time for the dog and for us, the owners. His explanation was so clear and recognizable. Patrick is a professional with dogs, which is also reflected in the action plan.”

“Patrick has a lot of experience and works with infectious enthusiasm. Gives you tools with which behavioral change takes place immediately without you or your dog experiencing stress, but it is actually fun to train together! Pleasant to contact, fits perfectly with your request for help. Is clear to dog and owner in a positive way. Use his help practically by tackling situations together. With minimal guidance you can make great strides with Patrick.”

“I’m happy with Patrick! I get a lot of information and Hunter, my sheepdog, also really enjoys it. Patrick is clear and super positive.”

“In crystal clear language, Patrick Driessen explains how you can change your dog’s unwanted behavior and practically practices these eye-openers with you. With the nice light baggage he gave me, I can change the behavior of my dog Tobi in a positive way and that will bring us both relaxation.”

“Patrick has given me tips and tools and, above all, a different mindset. I now also understand better how shepherds work and how important consistent action with a gentle, positive hand and guidance is. I am convinced that thanks to Patrick I have the self-confidence to continue to guide her in the right direction.”

“What a fantastic guy, you need more of him.”

“Nice guy with a lot of experience and very good advice about raising dogs. Helped a lot in adjusting the behavior of our German Shepherd KC. Our dog now listens better and gets along better with other dogs.”

“You helped us a lot Patrick! You visited us at home and based on the videos sent, questionnaire and our stories, you have gained a good insight into what we need you for. You were able to explain it clearly to us and we immediately started practicing with you. Based on your detailed step-by-step plan, we now know how to proceed. We’ll still be in touch for a while, which is nice. All in all VERY SATISFIED!

“Patrick made a good analysis at our home and then demonstrated exercises and discussed them with us. Both in the house and outside. This immediately made it clear what we could do ourselves to solve the behavioral problems. Very nice. Thanks! ”

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