Training dog and handler in law enforcement and military units

For the past 17 years I have worked as a commando in a special unit. During that time I became responsible for both the selection of shepherd puppies and for training them as working dogs. Within the HBO course ‘DogVision’ I challenged myself to theoretically substantiate what I had already discovered in practice. I am known for my approach: the best results focused on positive influence.

I advise and guide in various situations involving dogs within law enforcement and military units. This guidance can be used for a complete start-up of a K9 program and for an existing K9 program that is not working properly. I am able to identify problems and initiate proposals for improvement.

Partly due to my experience in the Special Forces, I can call myself a specialist in, among other things:

  • selection of the most suitable dog/puppy for each training program
  • teaching functional obedience
  • training in tactical operations with various insertion resources regardless of the circumstances
  • fully integrate the dog within team performance
  • training dual dogs with positive training methods.

Please contact me if you are interested!

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