Private training for your adult dog

For professional help in training your dog, with one-on-one attention, private lessons are most suitable. These lessons take place in and around Saksen-Weimar (Arnhem-North) where we will practice.

During the first lesson we discuss your wishes and I estimate the number of lessons needed to achieve the desired goal. After a short intake, I draw up an action plan on the spot. From there we work in a targeted manner.

When taking multiple private lessons, I make a package price.


  • learning to walk without pulling
  • listen when called
  • prevent jumping
  • stay where you want
  • get your dog used to a muzzle/anti-pulling harness
  • learn to play
  • teach your dog to walk (or run) at rest next to your bicycle
  • training your dog when using a mobility scooter/wheelchair

In short, we work in practice so that you and your dog learn to understand each other better. We focus on adapting your dog’s behavior. How nice to notice that you as a boss can make a difference!


  • €75.00 for 45 minutes
  • € 325.00 for a strip card of 5 sessions (valid for 1 year)
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